Who We Are and Where We Are Going

A blog from Richard A. Mahoney, Vice President of Healthcare Information Solutions at Quest Diagnostics and President of MedPlus, the company’s healthcare IT subsidiary   

For every patient, there is a collection of essential data that the physician must gather, link and process to deliver quality care. This patient database needs to include information from many touch points including labs, hospitals and pharmacies that rarely work together. While many claim to easily solve these challenges, at Care360 we’re empowering the people who have the best chance to solve them: the physician. 

Although the author of the following quote is unknown, I can’t help but think how much he or she hit the nail on the head, in regard to the mission and vision of Care360: A doctor who cannot take a good history, and a patient who cannot give one, are in danger of giving and receiving bad treatment. 

Lab tests, prescription writing and diagnoses of various ailments by multiple specialists, often occur in different places, performed by different people.  The problem isn’t any one entity but the lack of connectivity among them which causes inconsistent delivery of care. Care360 Electronic Health Records (EHRs) connect a single patient’s physician to the larger team of more than 200,000 physicians and specialists on the Care360 platform. That’s one in every three physicians in the U.S.—only one click away from consulting together on a case and facilitating better coordinated care. It’s a network which has the power to integrate multiple data points from a variety of clinical sources into a unified view of an individual patient.  

In addition to always keeping the patient top of mind, Care360 was built for the specific needs of physicians. Our mobile apps seamlessly integrate into the patient-physician visit and the hectic life of the “always on” physician. The immediate availability of information helps to strengthen this doctor/patient relationship, as it means more real-time and less wait time for patients seeking answers from their doctor. 

The great thinker Thomas Edison postured more than 100 years ago that “the doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  The latter half of that quote really speaks to me, as our suite of products enable those on the front lines of medicine to draw conclusions from fully comprehensive clinical data that not only help to manage illness and disease, but also to prevent it. 

Too much of technology has aimed to reduce the human element of medicine. Care360 and the physicians we serve are instead driven by the passionate pursuit of more collaborative care, where clinical data, patient history and clinical guidelines are at the fingertips of providers to facilitate their essential work of healing and caring. This seemingly simple goal inspires Quest Diagnostics to continually perfect 46 years of experience in managing clinical data exchanges and its products, to reduce cost barriers and to explore new paths to partner with providers, payers and patients alike.

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