White Paper: Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR Adoption

Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR AdoptionMany healthcare professionals focus on the financial implications and changes in workflow associated with adopting electronic health records (EHRs), but often underestimate the positive impact that technology has on the quality of patient care. Our latest white paper investigates this effect by drawing from healthcare studies that show EHR usage can significantly reduce the occurrence of prescription errors, improve accuracy in patient records, enhance portability of records and improve patient perceptions of the quality of care received. These improvements were seen in all EHR systems, with web-based or cloud-computing systems offering a particularly high degree of flexibility and benefit to patient care.

Some cloud-based EHR systems, such as Care360® EHR from Quest Diagnostics, can operate on hand-held computing devices like the iPad®, iPhone®, BlackBerry® or other smartphones, allowing physicians to manage patient records at any time during an office visit or while on hospital rounds. In addition to saving time for physicians, this portability reduces instances of record errors and increases efficiency among physicians and clinicians. Web-based EHR systems offer benefits that make them worth the investment, even without considering the long-term financial benefits. EHRs can significantly improve the healthcare experience and the quality of patient care, while also maximizing the efficiency of healthcare professionals to an extent not possible with traditional paper record systems.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic and want to read the full white paper, we encourage you to register with Care360 for free access to Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR Adoption.

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