The Care360 Datapalooza Experience, Part 2

A Blog from Marla Kouche, Vice President, Products and Engineering

During my time in Washington, D.C., I was most excited by the attention given to making apps and health truly engaging.  During an un-conference session on behavior change, we spoke about “delighting with design” – and this stuck with me, both because I agree that it’s the way to encourage smart and continued product use, and because it’s the same vision we have for our Care360 Suite of Solutions from Quest Diagnostics.  

No solution will find sustained success if it isn’t developed in close partnership with the end-user, and our interface is indeed developed and advanced with meaningful input from physicians. 

To reference this point, one of the great quotes used at the conference was from Stories of the Human Spirit by T.S. Elliot. “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

A May 2011 McKinsey Global Institute report on Big Data said, “…if U.S. healthcare could use big data creatively and effectively to drive efficiency and quality, we estimate that the potential value from data in the sector could be more than $300 billion every year, two-thirds of which would be in the form of reducing national healthcare expenditures by about eight percent.” 

Creating products that people want to use safely and securely, and collecting data that helps transform health is front and center for us. My mission is to ensure that information from the Care360 network provides physicians with the data and insight they need. 

One of my favorite sessions of the week was hosted by David Knott and Steve Van Kuiken, both directors at McKinsey. The conversation shed new light on the importance of clinical and point-of-care data in the business and care models that many are seeking. The Care360 team continues to consider how best to use our assets to simplify the job of physicians and advance patient care. I’m excited about the possibilities. Already, Quest Diagnostics has real-time data available from a point-of-care perspective, and our team is constantly thinking about how to use our data to help close the loop between payers and physicians, patients and physicians and among all in the healthcare spectrum.

This recent Forbes article illustrates the importance of and opportunities in using data to drive insights and to make business decisions. 

It was a great few days at the conference, but we’re excited to be back in the office to begin translating some of the key discussions into action.

Click here to see the conference agenda or learn more about Health Datapalooza.

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