Reduce denials to improve your collections

Reduce denial medical billing

For physician practices, claim denials are frustrating. Medical billing and collections are complex and time-consuming, and a rejected claim only adds to the frustration. According to AAFP, most physician practices should strive for a billing denial rate of less than … Continue reading

Phoenix practice improves collections with Care360 RCM

Care360 Case Study: Dr. Laura Schroeder

Yvette Mayo is a registered nurse and practice administrator for Dr. Laura Schroeder at North Phoenix Infectious Disease in Phoenix, Arizona. The practice has three physicians…

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PA practice cuts reimbursement time in half with Care360 RCM

Care360 RCM EHR

Care360 Case Study: Dr. Denis Boyle Jr.

Alison Boyle is the office manager for Dr. Denis Boyle Jr. in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, located just a few miles west of Philadelphia. Dr. Boyle has been in general practice for 34 years and employs 5, including Alison, who has been with the practice for 6 years…

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Get your denials under control

Mark Anderson Webinar

Improve your bottom line by reducing claim denials As the percentage of rejected and denied claims increases, more physicians are electing to improve their denial management process.  Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of denials can be eliminated … Continue reading

8 steps to better reimbursement with ICD-10

Care360 medical billing

When the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition (ICD-10) clinical cataloging system went into effect for the U.S. healthcare industry on October 1, 2015, it reflected modern advances in clinical treatment and medical devices. It also caught the U.S. up … Continue reading

Choosing and Managing a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service

Care360 EHR

If you are considering outsourcing your medical billing to a revenue cycle management (RCM) service, you are not alone. With more options than ever to choose from, practices of all sizes are considering outsourcing as an option. Outsourcing can offer … Continue reading

Best Practices in Managing the Relationship with Your Medical Billing Service

Care360 RCM EHR Medical Billing Services

You’ve set up your revenue cycle management relationship. Billing health plans and patients is now off your plate. But are you sure you’re getting the best results you can from outsourcing? Today’s revenue cycle environment is very complex and demanding. … Continue reading

Guest Post by Laurie Morgan: Outsourced Medical Billing is a Team Sport for Your Practice

Laurie Morgan

We are excited to present this article from Laurie Morgan, consultant/partner at Capko & Morgan. When you’ve made the decision to outsource your medical billing, it can feel like a huge weight is lifted off your – and your staff’s … Continue reading

Guest Post by Laurie Morgan: Position Yourself for Success With a New Billing Service

Laurie Morgan

We are excited to present this article from Laurie Morgan, consultant/partner at Capko & Morgan. Medical billing has become increasingly complex and expensive to manage inside a practice.  For small and even mid-sized practices, outsourcing has become significantly more appealing.  … Continue reading