Top Five Benefits of Electronic Health Records for Small Practices

A Blog from MedPlus Chief Technology Officer Tom Wagner, the healthcare IT subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics While electronic health records (EHRs) are beneficial to many different types of practices, today I’d like to focus on the specific benefits that Care360 … Continue reading

For Olympic Athletes, Electronic Health Records Are a Powerful Tool

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As the world’s attention turns to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced recently that it’s streamlining the medical records of our country’s elite athletes. On that topic, what follows is a … Continue reading

How Care360 Strives to Meet Customer Needs

Care360 Demos and Training

One of the main goals for the Care360 Suite of Solutions is empowering physicians by enabling them to gather, link and process essential data to deliver quality care to patients. We built our Care360 platform with the needs of physicians … Continue reading

Using Gazelle® to Connect Providers and Patients

Even though the Care360 suite of solutions provides health information technology (HIT) services for physicians and other healthcare professionals, many patients are also interested in utilizing HIT to proactively engage in their own care. One way patients can do this … Continue reading

2012 ChartMaxx Ambassador and Innovator Award Winners

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We are excited to honor several outstanding ChartMaxx customers on our blog. ChartMaxx, the award-winning Document Management and Imaging (DMI) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, allows complete, transparent process execution to provide customers with detailed, actionable views of patient … Continue reading

Who We Are and Where We Are Going

A blog from Richard A. Mahoney, Vice President of Healthcare Information Solutions at Quest Diagnostics and President of MedPlus, the company’s healthcare IT subsidiary    For every patient, there is a collection of essential data that the physician must gather, link … Continue reading

Latest KLAS Annual Report Highlights Benefits of Care360

Remarks on the latest report from MedPlus Chief Technology Officer Tom Wagner, the Healthcare IT Subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics  The latest annual KLAS report, titled “SaaS EMR 2012: Is It For You?” has ranked 10 vendors based on interviews with … Continue reading