Keeping Data Private and Secure – mHealthSummit Session #mhs12

Check out this session at the mHealthSummit and hear from our own Rohit Nayak Vice President  – Physician Technology Solutions,  Care360 from Quest Diagnostics

Keep my Data Private & Secure

Tuesday, December 4 – 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Session Overview

Healthcare organizations are increasingly making use of mobile technologies to meet the needs of their employees and increase workflow efficiencies. At the same time, protecting patient health information is of paramount concern to patients and providers.

This session addresses the implementation and legal challenges related to mHealth in an era of Bring Your Own Device, outsourced  Cloud implementations and  an avalanche of available mHealth applications for physician and patient mobile devices.
  • Do HIPAA and other pre-mobile privacy laws need to be updated?
  • What are the security challenges?
  • How do healthcare organizations develop policies relating to the access, storage and use of PHI using mobile devices and applications?

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