HP Equipment and Installation Options

Many healthcare professionals considering the transition to electronic health records (EHR) worry about the expenses associated with new equipment and hardware, and the potential for the installation and adjustment period to interfere with office workflow. With the Care360 solution, your practice won’t have to worry about these common issues. Care360 is a cloud-based EHR system– maintained remotely and accessed through the Internet. Many offices already have the hardware and equipment necessary to get started because all you need is a computer with high-speed Internet access.

Care360 Cloud Computing
Care360: Connecting through Cloud-based EHR

If your office does have a need for new computers, modems, scanners or network set-up support, we have the resources to provide you with affordable options. We’ve teamed up with HP and HealthDynamix to provide a flexible healthcare IT solution that includes technical support and hardware that can be tailored to your office’s individual needs. Our companies work together to help physician practices implement customized healthcare IT solutions that combine access to HealthDynamix technology assessment and installation support, HP hardware and Care360 software from Quest Diagnostics.

Partnership with HP and HealthDynamix

This unique partnership makes it easier for practices to adopt a well-rounded EHR solution without incurring high costs or interrupting workflow. HealthDynamix can help you select, implement and support the hardware in your office. With 26 years of experience in the healthcare technology field, HealthDynamix has a wealth of experience coordinating software, hardware and technical support to match your office’s needs.

HP Hardware OptionsYou may find that your practice could benefit from more workstations, higher quality monitors or greater web access. Our partnership with HP can provide you with an efficient, stress-free way of selecting and setting up these hardware and networking systems. HP has decades of experience developing start-to-finish solutions in healthcare technology that stand up to the industry’s exacting requirements for reliability, security and usability. Computers designed for light-duty home use or other professions may not stand up to the rigorous demands of a busy medical office.

HP Hardware OptionsOur clients have access to more than 500,000 products including laptops, tablets, printers, modems, monitors and wall mounts. To simplify the process, there are recommended hardware solutions that come in pre-configured IT bundles: Practice Essentials, Practice Advantage and Practice Professional. In addition to a broad range of medical-grade hardware and dependable IT support, HP offers flexible financing opportunities that can help your practice comfortably maintain its EHR system until Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive payments are awarded.

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