Connecting Physicians Through EHR

With the Care360 network, you are instantly connected to more than 200,000 physicians in 80,000 physician offices throughout the country – but that’s not all. You are also connected to more than 90% of pharmacies in the U.S. through the Surescripts® network, along with all Quest Diagnostics laboratories.  Additionally, interfaces are already in place with hundreds of appointment scheduling systems and practice management solutions – and that’s just for our ambulatory physician offices.

Care360 Network

For hospitals, physician organizations and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), our network capabilities bring you even more benefits. Care360 EHR with Care360 Data Exchange quickly connects you with physicians in your community on the provider network and offers a data-sharing interface with existing hospital systems. Healthcare professionals in both inpatient and outpatient settings can use this robust network to communicate with one another efficiently, effectively and securely.

Care360 Data Exchange provides secure access to patient-centered data and supports true collaboration between hospitals and physicians. The solution also allows for two-way communication of clinical data that include lab tests, imaging results and discharge summaries. While most EHR solutions don’t allow data exchange with competing systems, Care360 is already connected to more than 100 EHR systems and many patient health records, facilitating the flow of information between healthcare providers. Hospitals and ACOs can instantly connect with physician groups, pharmacies and Quest Diagnostics labs throughout the country.

Care360 EHR with Data Exchange is well-suited to the hospital setting for reasons beyond connectivity and information exchange. By using Care360 to connect with ambulatory primary care physicians in the community, hospitals can increase referrals. Greater collaboration between hospitals and physicians enhances patient outcomes and provides better continuity of care. You may be worried that these advantages come at the price of disrupting your existing workflow, but the intuitive, flexible system from Care360 isCare360 HD for iPad designed for ease of use and quick implementation, so your staff can remain efficient during the transition period.

Physicians can manage their caseload anytime, anywhere, whether they’re making rounds or out of the office. Care360 Mobile and Care360 HD for iPad® allow you to access the network at the point-of-care, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. You’ll be able to communicate with referring physicians, check on patient lab results and access prescription information – all from your laptop or smartphone.

Care360 EHR with Data Exchange provides a level of connectivity that allows secure data to flow where it needs to be by connecting:Connectivity with Care360 Data Exchange

  • Hospitals with Ambulatory Clinics
  • Labs and Imaging Centers with Clinicians
  • Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) with Specialists
  • Clinicians with Patients
  • Communities with Governments

To learn more about this recognized solution for hospital connectivity, visit Care360 Data Exchange with EHR.

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