Care360 HD Delivers Added Functionality for iPad Users

Care360 HD app for iPad

The iPad® is quickly becoming an advanced and useful tool for physicians and healthcare providers, and works seamlessly with the Care360 online platform. Now with a new update, the Care360 HD® EHR application for the iPad is even better – with more functionality for recording vital patient data.

New features of Care360 HD EHR include patient encounter note capability, enhanced medical history information and the ability to more easily write and refill prescriptions on your iPad.


Patient Encounter Notes

Keeping track of essential data on patients is easier and faster with the advanced patient encounter notes feature of Care360 HD for the iPad. The app incorporates all of the most important clinical information collected during the visit including:

Patient Encounter Notes

  • The date the patient was seen and the reason for the visit
  • Vital statistics including blood pressure, height, weight, pulse rate and other important patient data in your choice of English or metric units
  • Any allergies or drug sensitivities
  • Results of physical examination or diagnosis of current ailment
  • Exact information on which tests were performed, delayed or declined
  • Free-text note fields for both subjective and objective general observations, as well as overall assessments, diagnosis and other comments
  • Refer tasks to specific users by associating them with the patient encounter note

This new feature also provides the ability to maintain patient medical history more easily and conveniently. Items can be marked as already reviewed both from the patient chart via drag-and-drop functionality, and within the Care360 HD app directly on the iPad.

Added Flexibility

The newly-updated version of the Care360 HD app for the iPad allows more flexibility and ease of use in managing and viewing patient orders directly from the iPad interface.

New features include:

  • New prescription orders can be easily entered and drag-and-drop functionality is available to quickly authorize refills
  • Enter procedures quickly and copy them to the patient’s history any time
  • Review and mark patient encounter notes at any stage of completion
  • Finalize records after all reviews and outstanding tasks have been completed

Medication ManagementMedication Management

As previously mentioned, prescriptions can be managed much more efficiently with the drag-and-drop functionality available in this latest upgrade. New prescriptions can be initiated with one tap of a stylus or fingertip, making it easier than ever to handle new prescriptions and refills quickly and efficiently.

Care360 EHR is constantly evolving to better serve our clients. In the next upgrade coming soon, OB/GYN interface features will be added to the Care360 HD app for the iPad to provide even more versatility and functionality for our valued clients.

To download Care360 HD, simply visit the App store on your iPad and search for Care360.

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