Benefits of the Care360 Stepwise Approach

Physician on laptopAs you look at converting your office from paper to a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system, you may feel challenged and intimidated by the process most EHR companies use to implement. The Care360 EHR solution from Quest Diagnostics can help alleviate some of the stress of transition with its modular, stepwise approach to implementation and training.

This innovative solution to EHR implementation allows physicians to adopt at their own pace using simple and easy to understand steps. This can help office staff adjust to the new software, aid in implementation and provide a more relaxed learning curve for the physician office. As a result, employees may be more open and relaxed about the process of adopting this essential technology.

Additionally, the Care360 platform could be instrumental in helping organizations meet the criteria for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) EHR Meaningful Use funding incentives.

Start With the Basics

Your office will start by training on the Care360 Labs & Meds functionality, which includes messaging and tasking within the office, lab orders and results management along with electronic sharing of information.  Physicians and office staff can easily familiarize themselves with these core functions of an EHR at a pace that is comfortable for them.  It can also be combined with the optional ePrescribing module for added functionality.

Physicians using EHRThe intuitive user interface makes learning these new EHR skills easy, even for older physicians who are not computer-savvy. As your staff members become more experienced and familiar with the technology, your office will go through the additional training modules. With each new addition from the Care360 platform, physician offices gain skills and technical expertise that enable them to use the complete Care360 EHR.

Help buttons built into the software give you the immediate help you need on each screen.  Online webinars are available and can be scheduled to suit nearly any office schedule. Care360 allows physicians to proceed at their own pace, while also achieving the milestones required for eligibility to meet EHR Meaningful Use funding.

The Online Advantage

Cloud computing is a major topic of discussion at the moment, and a driving force in small physician offices today. The convenience and rapid response time of online software platforms like Care360 make these innovative solutions a popular choice.

Care360 is a web-based platform, and requires no specialized computer knowledge to access the various modules of the program. Best of all, because the system is maintained remotely and accessed through the Internet, physicians that adopt Care360 don’t need additional equipment or IT support staff.

Necessary upgrades, updates and added features are managed by knowledgeable Care360 staff, taking the worry out of the process for most offices and freeing up employees to focus on patient-centered activities.

Other Benefits

Because the system is modular and can be implemented in stages, it is easier to use and offers a more manageable learning curve for staff. It also offers documented progress toward content management system requirements. Care360 subscriptions are typically set up on a per-physician basis, making the decision to adopt EHR even more affordable and appealing for smaller practices or offices where the physicians are not all ready to get started at the same time.

Overall, the Care360 platform is ideal for offices looking to make an easy transition to electronic health records. It provides unparalleled ease of use and convenience to help you through the training and implementation process.

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