AHIMA 2012—From Inside the Booth

From September 30 through October 3, 2012, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Convention and Exhibit was held in Chicago. More than 300 people visited the ChartMaxx booth, including the winners of our four raffle prizes. The following are some insights into what goes into a show like AHIMA, some of the day-to-day activities on the floor and some thoughts from a new employee attending the event for the first time.

The process for setting up and readying the booth for the floor is amazing to watch. Inside the giant convention center space there is a grid of different colored carpet pieces, signage that needs to be set up, and giant pieces of equipment—the place is basically a beehive of activity before the show.

Note the pictures below of our booth, pre-setup and after setup. 

Once everything is set-up, activity in the booth revolves around engaging booth visitors, making sure the technology (Internet, computers, monitors, demos, etc.) works correctly, and watching other booths going up as well.  For the Marketing team in particular, it gives us a chance to see what kind of displays look the best, and what we may want to incorporate at future events.

One of the greatest aspects of the show for me, as someone who had never been to a tradeshow or healthcare event previously, was to see how different teams work together to make the show a success.

Marketing pulls all physical location logistics together, makes the booth look streamlined and professional, and facilitates any issues that arise on the show floor. The sales team meets with current clients, engages with prospective clients and educates both groups about new products and services. Account Managers also meet with customers to talk about what current hospital functions are working and to address any issues or future needs.  

Events are sometimes the only opportunity that staff members have to meet with customers and prospects in the same place. The Marketing team produced a ChartMaxx demo showing the use of the impressive workflow of the system—evident from the start. 

The AHIMA show taught me a valuable lesson about how passionate our ChartMaxx team is, and how much our sales and marketing teams care about individual successes within the product. The demo also showcased how abstract thoughts and suggestions from ChartMaxx customers can become a real tangible item within the system.

Overall, the show was a success. Meeting our current customers and being able to watch the wonderful interactions our teams have with them is something I witnessed firsthand.  ChartMaxx is only one piece of the Care360 Suite of Solutions, but the interactions at AHIMA allowed me the opportunity to see the positive impact that our solutions have within the healthcare IT community.

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